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EkoVent-Info d.o.o.

EKOVENT-INFO d.o.o. is a company with great deal of experience in performing all kind of testing and attestations that are necessary for getting working license. We also provide validations and supervision during testings or installation of electrical and mechanical installations.

We are specialized and equipped with best equipment for testing and balancing/regulating quantity of air and ventilation distribution, noise testing as well as electrical installation and clean room validation.

Company founder :
Mirko Vorkapić,

Vladimir Vorkapić,

The firm EKOVENT-INFO is situated in Zagreb, Croatia, and has been established in year 1997. We have years of experience in testing the HVAC [Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning] systems, safety on work, electric and other examination and attestation. In the beginning we used to do testing and balancing of ventilation systems and regulating air quantities on diffusers and outlets in pharmaceutical firms “PLIVA”, “BELUPO” and hotels “HILTON IMEPERIAL DUBROVNIK”, “ESPLANADE”, “INTERNATIONAL” and other object “CROATIAN FLIGHT CONTROL”, “CINEMASTAR”.

Hotel Hilton Imperial, Dubrovnik Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb Belupo, Koprivnica Branimir Centar Zagreb

Today we are firm offering service in validation of clean rooms, DOP – testing HEPA & ULPA filters, testing all mechanical and electrical installation in clean room and in factories and in all other objects, safety on work and fire, supervision examination and attestation of all mechanical and electrical installation, noise and noise isolation measuring, noise protection, and we’re authorized to do all these service.

For all information and service we’re at your disposal.

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